Book Review – Andy Stanley’s “The Principle of the Path”

I recently received a copy of Andy Stanley’s “The Principle of the Path” from Thomas Nelson Publishers (in exchange for this free review). I must say, everything I read by Andy Stanley seems to be gold. There are a few authors in that category (John Maxwell, Bill Hybels) and Andy Stanley is becoming one of them.

In this book, Stanley explores his “discovery” of a universal principle that he calls the “principle of the path.” Basically, he sums it up like this, “Just as there are physical paths that lead to predictable physical locations, there are others kinds of paths that are equally as predictable.” Stanley suggests that choosing certain paths/decisions in any area of life (emotional, spiritual, relational, etc.) leads to certain, predictable outcomes.

Also included is a study guide for people who want to go through this with a group or a mentor. I personally don’t get much out of the study guides that are included with books, but if you’re into that, this has one.

Overall, this is another winning book by a great communicator. I highly recommend it.


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