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Book Review: “Max on Life” by Max Lucado

I enjoy a good Max Lucado book from time to time, but I will admit that his stuff has become somewhat stale to me. They all seem to be the same…feel-good, God loves you books written in different ways with different stories. While his writing style is impeccable, I would prefer something more. This is finally that book. I am again a fan of Max Lucado.

In this book, Lucado answers questions he has received from people throughout his years of ministry. And, he answers them honestly, in his style. He answers questions about Heaven, Hell, hope, relationships, and others. He also doesn’t just rehash older books, which some of his “new” books have become, but actually writes valuable information.

I also enjoy the fact that the chapters are short. For some reason, I just like to be able to read quick chapters when I have the time. This is a great book by a man who has many already to his credit.

P.S. I also received this book for free from Thomas Nelson Publishers.


Book Review: “Beyond Talent” by John Maxwell

John Maxwell is known for one thing, being a leader of leaders. And he does that one thing extremely well. He has learned to communicate timeless truths into understandable actions that we can take to improve our leadership. Despite the fact that he has dozens of books out, he still continues to find things to speak about. This book is another one of those.

I enjoy John Maxwell, although his stuff is usually on the higher end of the price scale. He is similar to Dale Carnegie in that his principles are not necessarily surprising or new, just put in simpler terms. He then throws in an example of someone who utilized (or failed to utilize) the principle he is describing.

In this book Maxwell chooses to talk about talent. Whereas many people try to lead simply on talent alone, Maxwell says that the best leaders are those who find their talents and utilize them, but ALSO mix in a bunch of right choices along the way.

My only drawback to this and other John Maxwell books are that he tries to talk about SO MANY aspects of leadership in one book. This is where I prefer to read something by Andy Stanley. Give me one concept that I can remember so that I do something rather than get things mixed together. With Maxwell’s stuff I usually just pick one principle that I need most and try to apply that. Overall, though, this is another quality book from John Maxwell.

P.S.  As with many of the books on here, I received this free from in exchange for this honest review.